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NHC Plumbing gas plumbing services include everything you would expect, and more. We can install and maintain any gas appliance in your home and ensure that everything is working perfectly. Our team can also handle all plumbing installations and repairs, including drainage works, blocked sinks, and more. As Lake Macquarie and Newcastle’s trusted supplier of plumbing services, we see it as our job to provide fantastic service, great results, and excellent rates.

We are fully accredited and qualified, and exceed all safety regulations and requirements when we work. Phone us for more information or to book a plumber today.

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Servicing Lake Macquarie and Newcastle, our plumbers and gas fitters offer a range of services, including:

To arrange an estimate, call us today and describe your problem.

Gas Fitting

Gas fitting

Along with taking care of everything that flows through pipes and taps, NHC Plumbing can install, or maintain any equipment or appliances connected to your gas mains. And we pride
ourselves on providing safe and effective services with no short cuts.

Our gas fitting services include:



NHC Plumbing takes care of commercial plumbing clients throughout Lake Macquarie and Newcastle.

Give us a call about any of the following: