Preventative maintenance for
Clubs, Pubs, Restaurants & Shopping Centres

Preventative maintenance for Clubs, Pubs, Restaurants & Shopping Centres -
Commercial Work Preventative Maintenance Services

Here at NHC Plumbing, one of the commercial plumbing services we offer is preventative maintenance. It is especially beneficial for restaurants, retail and shopping centres, clubs, pubs, and similar establishments.

What is Preventative Maintenance?

Preventative Maintenance helps to maintain and preserve equipment and systems. Part of the process ensures that the systems and their components are functioning properly and not showing undue signs of wear and tear, so as to reduce the likelihood of system failure.

Also, when it comes to bathroom facilities at some commercial establishments, these can be abused by people using them. A good example are items that may be flushed into the sewer network that shouldn’t be – nappies, toilet rolls, clothing etc and when left unchecked, this could clog toilets and pipes and wreak havoc on the entire bathroom plumbing system. Preventative maintenance, in this instance, aims to avert stressful and disruptive plumbing emergencies.

Preventative Maintenance from NHC Plumbing

Our licensed and experienced plumbing specialists will thoroughly check your plumbing systems by using our water jet blaster to clear drains and then, on a regular basis, perform this maintenance to keep pipes and drains clear. Such regular checkups will help prevent serious plumbing problems to arise.

Yearly checks of water pipes and their connections and also gas connections are another example of preventative maintenance. Signs of rust on water hoses is a sure sign that it may be going to burst, causing major disruptions to your business, and a constantly dripping or leaking tap or connection means you could be paying higher water bills, so regular checks are a very important part of ensuring your business continues to run smoothly and effectively.

Safeguard your business interests by ensuring that your commercial plumbing system is in top condition year round. Let NHC Plumbing be your plumbing partner by getting in touch with us today. Call Paul on 0414 494 289. We hope to hear from you!