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Roof leaks -
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A roof leak is a major disaster when it comes to structures because it triggers several other problems. Call NHC Plumbing at the earliest sign of roof leaks. We will immediately get to the bottom of the problem so you will not suffer from the detriments caused by roof leaks.

Detriments Caused by Roof Leaks

No matter how minor a roof leak is, it always comes with adverse consequences. Here are some of the detriments of roof leaks to convince you of its exigency:

  • Damage – The initial impact of roof leaks is manifested in damage caused to the ceiling. The affected area will show darkened paint and plaster bubbles. Eventually, the leaking water will also damage the paint and plaster of nearby walls. Lighting fixtures and other accessories mounted on the ceiling and walls will likewise be affected. Chronic roof leaks will cause even greater damage since water intrusion will weaken or even completely destroy the building structure.
  • Health Risks – Roof leaks left unrepaired for long periods can promote a moist environment conducive to moulds and mildews. They can lead to health issues such as rhinitis, asthma, and other allergic reactions.
  • Safety Issues – Roof leaks pose fire threats due to shorted electrical wiring. Moreover, whenever there is water accumulation, there is always the possibility of slips and fall hazards.
  • Expensive utility bills – Water intrusion negatively impacts the insulation indoors. As a result, it will mess up your building’s air conditioning system and increase your utility bills.

What You Can Do

Undoubtedly, a roof leak is a disadvantage for your business. The good news though is that you have the power to protect yourself from the detrimental effects of leaky roofing. The best step you can take is to employ the services of NHC Plumbing. Your leaky roof and other issues that accompany it are as good as solved in the expert hands of our roof plumbers. Skills plus extensive years of experience combined with impeccable professionalism make our team dependable. Do yourself a favour. Let NHC Plumbing help you bid those roof leaks farewell for good.