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We bet you cannot imagine your life without hot water. According to Energy Rating, water heating comprises the second largest segment of energy consumption among Australian households. It is used in bathrooms, kitchen, and laundry. Clearly, hot water usage is an indispensable component of daily living. For this reason, getting an efficient hot water system is a no-brainer. Lucky for you, you will never suffer from a world sans hot water. As long as NHC Plumbing exists, refreshing hot water is at your disposal.

Available Hot Water Systems

A range of water heating systems is available for Australian households to enjoy. Choosing a system for your residence in Lake Macquarie or Newcastle is not a matter of which system is the best. Practically speaking, each household will have different preferences since each has unique needs.

In terms of type, you can choose between storage water heater and continuous flow systems. The first one stores heated water in an insulated tank until it is used. In contrast, the latter one does not use a storage tank as it only heats water as needed. Both systems can be the better option, depending on the users’ needs and circumstances.

Moreover, you have varied options for your energy sources namely, electric, heat pump, LPG or natural gas, and solar. Again, you alone could determine the system that suits your needs best. But of course we will guide you in making a decision you will not regret.

NHC Plumbing Services

Deciding the water heater to use for your home is a decision that you must carefully think about. After all, you would have to live with it for about 10 years or more. We understand the weight of this decision. As such, enquiries and customer briefing is part of our process. We want our customers to make informed choices, freely and voluntarily given. Our plumbing specialists are all knowledgeable about the technologies we provide and are well-equipped in answering your questions.

Once you are certain of your decision, we will then proceed to the installation proper.  Our team is composed of fully licensed and registered plumbing specialists so you are guaranteed to receive superior service. Submit an enquiry or talk to our representatives today!