Gas stove installation

Gas stove installation -
Gas Fitting Gas Stove Installation Services

Lake Macquarie and Newcastle residents need not worry about buying a new gas stove and having it installed in their home. Here at NHC Plumbing, we pride ourselves in taking care of the gas stove installation, which includes connecting your new gas stove to your gas piping, commissioning it, and making sure that it is safely functional.

When should you hire us for Gas Stove Installation?

Hire your Lake Macquarie gas plumbers from NHC Plumbing as soon as you decided that you need or want a new gas stove or oven. You might want to have your new appliance installed where your old appliance was. Before you disconnect it to the gas piping, make sure to tap the help of a professional to ensure your and your family’s safety.

We also highly recommend the help of a Newcastle gas plumber In case you are thinking of relocating your kitchen to a new area in the house. We can help you open a new gas outlet to the new location or extend your gas lines. If there is already a gas outlet there, we can help ensure that it is fully working and that there are no gas pipe leaks that could cause trouble in the future.

Gas stove installation for commercial use

A rather more complicated work is involved when it comes to gas stove installation in restaurants, bakeries, hotels, and other establishments which uses multiple gas stoves or ovens. The gas piping system could be more complicated than that of a normal household. As such, it is all the more important that you seek the help of a licensed Lake Macquarie plumber. Whether you need your gas stoves installed, replaced, repaired, or just checked for regular maintenance, NHC Plumbing is here to help.

Contact us for high quality service

We understand that DIY could be a cheaper option but when it comes to safety and standards, you should never enter into a compromise. Our staff are fully equipped with the expertise and the training in gas plumbing. If you are in Lake Macquarie or Newcastle, contact NHC plumbing for professional gas stove installation and repair.