Water Jet Blasting

Water Jet Blasting -
Water Jet Plumbing Services

A common plumbing problem for any residential, commercial or industrial property can be blocked drainage and sewer pipes. Pipes can block for a number of reasons –

  • building materials washed down pipes during construction
  • a build-up of leaves, branches and dirt
  • items put down the toilet that don’t belong in the sewage system
  • foreign materials washed down the sink

Often we don’t realize there is a problem until we get a deluge of rain or our sinks start to gurgle and the water doesn’t get away as it should or the toilet fills up with water and doesn’t flush away properly or at all!

If you notice any of the above happening at your place, give us a call and we will quickly take care of those blocked drainage and sewer pipes.

Commercial properties, especially, shouldn’t wait too long for assistance as bad odours and slow draining sinks, can mean closing for a period of time, while the problem is sorted out. We are also available to work outside of office hours to attend your commercial property, to take care of any of the above plumbing problems.

At NHC Plumbing we use a trailer mounted Water Jet Blasting machine that will thoroughly and efficiently clean away, silt, branches, leaves and tree roots, leaving drains clean and clear.