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Backflow Testing, Installation and Maintenance Plumbing Services

Remain compliant with your local Water Authority and never worry about water supply contamination with NHC Plumbing’s backflow testing, installation and maintenance.

Backflow is a serious issue that can cause contamination of your local water supply resulting in potentially harmful health problems. If you’ve received a notice from your local Water Authority about backflow testing and compliance, or have any concerns about backflow on your property it’s time to call the professionals at NHC Plumbing. NHC Plumbing are licensed and accredited in backflow testing, installation and maintenance. Whether you need residential or commercial backflow plumbing services we will come to you. Our qualified plumbers will perform a comprehensive backflow test, provide backflow preventer installation where necessary, and submit a backflow test report to your local Water Authority on your behalf. Stay compliant with professional backflow test procedures performed by the trusted experts at NHC Plumbing in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and Maitland.

Our Backflow Plumbing Services

NHC Plumbing has a dedicated backflow testing, installation and maintenance service. With our backflow plumbing service you can expect attention to detail, quality workmanship and professionalism. We do the hard work to make sure you remain cool, calm and compliant.

Backflow Testing & Installation

Our plumbers are licensed and accredited in backflow plumbing services. We use certified and approved backflow test procedures and devices.

Worry-Free Compliance

Our Service includes thorough backflow testing, and the completion and submission of a backflow test report to your local Water Authority.

Backflow Testing

From residential backflow preventer installation to commercial plumbing backflow testing, our plumbers operate across a range of situations.

A Range of Scheduling Solutions

NHC Plumbing can tailor a backflow testing and maintenance schedule to suit your site’s backflow hazard rating and schedule.

Preventer Installation & Maintenance

No matter what type of backflow preventer installation you have at your site, our experienced backflow plumbers can service your needs.

Why Choose NHC Plumbing’s Backflow Plumbing Service?

For over 22 years NHC Plumbing has been servicing the plumbing needs of Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and the Hunter Area. With our backflow plumbing service customers can expect.

Workmanship Guarantee

We pride ourselves on our dedicated attention to detail and dependability

Transparent Competitive Pricing

We offer free quotes, upfront pricing and won’t surprise you with hidden costs


We provide licensed, accredited and registered plumbers for all our work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Clean drinking water flows in one direction: from a clean water supply to your home or business. Backflow occurs when this water flows backward: from your home or business back toward the clean supply. This can cause contamination of clean water supplies with things like chemicals and bacteria causing people to get sick.

Water flows through plumbing with the help of a standard pressure. Backflow most often occurs due a process called ‘siphonage’, where there is a disruption in the standard pressure within a plumbing system. If water pressure is too high or too low at either the water supply source or your site, then the risk of backflow is increased.

This depends on your property’s backflow hazard risk classification – low, medium or high. Backflow hazard risk classifications are based on the level of harm that could be caused to the public should a backflow preventer fail. Yearly backflow testing is required for devices classified as medium or high by an accredited backflow plumbing service.

Get NHC Plumbing For Your Backflow Testing & Backflow Plumbing Services

If you need an accredited backflow plumbing service that is versatile, effective and reliable then contact NHC Plumbing. Our fully qualified backflow plumbers can tailor a solution to your backflow plumbing needs. Ensure ongoing compliance and safety at your home or commercial site with NHC Plumbing. Call Paul on 0414 494 289.