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Professional Blocked Drain Services with NHC Plumbing

Blocked drains & sewers are common problems affecting residential & commercial plumbing. NHC Plumbing provides solutions for drainage and sewage blockages.

Are blocked drains and sewers causing you grief? While the severity of the problem can differ, blockages can reveal themselves through overflowing toilets, sinks backing up and noisy drains. If any of this sounds familiar, then save yourself the anxiety and let a licensed NHC Plumbing expert diagnose the problem and tailor a solution for your home or business. Our solutions depend on the cause of the problem and can range from quick and easy high pressure water clear out, to more involved plumbing strategies like using CCTV cameras.

We can also set up pre-emptive measures that will reduce the likelihood of build-ups and provide regular maintenance to proactively avoid future blocked drains and sewers at your property. Give yourself peace of mind by letting our blocked drain service handle your plumbing problems. Contact NHC Plumbing and we’ll look after you.

What Causes Blocked Drains & Sewers?

Any home or industrial and commercial site can get blocked drains and sewers. There are a number of common causes for drain and sewer blockages:

  • Building and construction materials that are washed down pipes
  • An accumulation of organic debris like dirt, branches and leaves
  • Things being flushed down toilet that don’t belong in plumbing systems
  • Foreign items being washed down indoor and outdoor drains and sinks

NHC Plumbing Blocked Drain Services

Get back to worrying about the things that matter to you and let our dedicated team of plumbers manage and fix your blocked drains. Our blocked drain services are reliable, professional and high-quality.

Qualified Professionals

NHC Plumbing employs licensed and accredited plumbers who provide a friendly and dependable service that you can trust.

Residential & Commercial Services

Our blocked drain service is versatile and can operate on residential, commercial and industrial plumbing systems without issue.

Accurate Assessment

Our plumbers will assess your blockages and can even use CCTV cameras to survey your drainage and sewage in more complex situations.

A Range Blockage Solutions

We employ tried and tested plumbing solutions for simple blockages all the way to state-of-the-art plumbing technologies to solve your issue.

Regular Maintenance

Maintenance services for your drainage and sewage to mitigate build-up and avoid blockages.

Why Choose NHC Plumbing For Your Blocked Drains & Sewage?

For over 22 years NHC Plumbing has been servicing the plumbing needs of Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and the Hunter area. With our plumbers you get the highest standard of plumbing services available.

Workmanship Guarantee

We are dedicated to providing high-quality service that can be relied on.

Transparent Competitive Pricing

Trusted upfront pricing with free quotes available and no hidden costs.

24/7 Emergency Plumbing Service

We offer 24 hour emergency plumbing services so you can depend on us.


We are licensed, accredited plumbers who work to the highest standards.

NHC Plumbing For Blocked Drains Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and Maitland

Do yourself a favour and take plumbing off your list of worries by contacting NHC Plumbing. Our professional plumbers will assess and fix your blocked drains and sewage issues. From residential to commercial, no problem is too big or small for NHC Plumbing. Call us now on (02) 4947 1364.