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Professional gas fitting service in Lake Macquarie, Newcastle & the Hunter

Handling Gas Is Not Just For Anyone!

That’s why with NHC you can relax and experience guaranteed functional and secure gas fittings.

You can trust NHC Plumbing to take care of your gas fitting needs. Our expert gas fitters are qualified and well versed in all the applicable regulations and Australian standards.

We can test, calibrate, adjust, detach and commission your gas appliances so they are guaranteed safe and ready to go. We can also check your existing ventilation, combustion conditions or other controls related to your gas.

Our professional gas fitters work with all sorts of gas fittings and perform installation, alteration, and repair of gas appliances. At NHC Plumbing we don’t limit our gas fitting service to just indoor systems and fixed locations: we can also work on portable gas appliances stowed in recreational vehicles, caravans, motorhomes… So for any type of gas fitting work, get NHC Plumbing!

Gas Stove Installation

NHC Plumbing can take care of your gas stove installations. Our gas fitting service can connect your new gas stove to your existing gas piping, commissioning it and making sure that it is safe and functional.

Upgrading to a New Gas Stove, Oven or Appliance?

Contact NHC Plumbing, we will disconnect your old appliance and install your new one ensuring the safety of you and your family.

Renovating Your Kitchen or Home?

Our gas fitting service will help you with any relocation. We can extend your existing gas lines or set up a new outlet so everything is functional and safe.

Need Commercial Gas Stove Installation?

Whether you need commercial gas stoves installed, replaced, repaired or just checked for regular maintenance, NHC Plumbing is here to help.

Complicated Gas Piping System?

Our licensed and experienced gas plumbers have worked at restaurants, bakeries, hotels and other places which use multiple gas stoves or ovens.

Gas Heating Installation

Are rising electricity costs sending a chill down your back? Gas heating is one of the most efficient and economical ways of warming your home or business. At NHC Plumbing, our licensed gas plumbers provide gas heating installation to your residential or commercial site.

All Types of Gas Heating Installations

Our gas fitting services offer installations for a range of gas heaters from traditional to more complex commercial systems.

A Range of Gas Heating Services

Our gas fitting service not only installs gas heating systems, but we also do replacements, re-installations and repairs of gas plumbing systems.

Experienced & Accredited Gas Fitting

Instincts alone ordinarily suffice for basic plumbing tasks but not with gas. NHC Plumbing employs licensed and registered gas plumbers.

Safety & Workmanship Guaranteed

Our experienced professional gas plumbers make sure your gas heating installation is always safe and ready to use.

Gas Hot Water Systems

With a range of water heating systems available for Australian households, NHC Plumbing offers services for LPG or natural gas hot water systems. Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that your gas hot water system needs are taken care of.

Reputable High Quality Service

Our gas fitting service provides gas hot water system installation, replacements and repairs.

More Than Just LPG & Natural Gas

We are happy to service your hot water needs no matter the energy source: LPG, natural gas, electric, heat pump or solar.

Knowledgeable Gas Hot Water Experts

We want our customers to make informed choices about their gas hot water systems. Our plumbing specialists are well-equipped in answering your questions.

Safe & Secure Gas Hot Water Systems

We have all the relevant and necessary training and experience to install or fix your gas hot water system.

Why NHC For Your Gas Fitting?

Our gas fitting plumbers are knowledgeable and skilful so that they can safeguard your health and safety. They are registered gas fitters who understand compliance requirements under the law.



NHC Plumbing is dedicated to performing high quality work that is safe and functional when it comes to all gas fitting work.

Qualified Expertise

NHC Plumbing employs gas fitters who are not only fully licensed and registered but experienced across a variety of gas fitting situations.

Dedicated Workmanship

NHC Plumbing is always up to date with safety standards and compliance requirements, so our work is always safe and of the highest quality.

24/7 Emergency Plumbing Service

You can trust our emergency plumbers to show up day or night, for your plumbing emergencies.

Get NHC Plumbing For Your Gas Fitting Needs Today

Never settle for a cheap DIY cheaper option when it comes to gas. Your safety and the safety of those around you should never be compromised. If you are in Lake Macquarie or Newcastle or Maitland, contact NHC plumbing for professional gas stove installation and repair. Call us now on (02) 4947 1364.