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Handling gas is a task not for everyone. It fits the warning we tell kids to not try at home, only that the prohibition involves inexpert adults as well. Terrifying consequences come from incompetent gas work. So, do not take the risk. Trust only NHC Plumbing for your gas fitting needs.

Why Trust NHC Plumbing?

Before relying on someone you must first know whether he is qualified to do the job. A gas fitting practitioner must be knowledgeable and skilful so that he may safeguard the health and safety of people. He must be a registered gasfitter who fully understands compliance requirements under the law and has completed an accredited training course.

NHC Plumbing’s gas fitters possess all the mentioned qualifications. Our personnel have undergone necessary training and education.Since safety is their priority, they will ensure that your device or appliance is secured before they begin work.They will not allow even the slightest possibility of danger.

Gas Fitting Services in Lake Macquarie and Newcastle

You can definitely trust NHC Plumbing to take care of your gas fitting needs. We do installation, alteration, and repair of gas appliances. Part of our work includes fixing and detaching of gas pipes and commissioning of gas appliances. We can test, calibrate and adjust the settings of your appliances so that they are guaranteed safe to use. We also check existing ventilation, combustion conditions and other controls related with gas installation.

Our services are not only limited to indoor systems and fixed locations. You can also rely on us should you need gas fitting for portable gas appliances stowed in recreational vehicles, trains, caravans, motor homes, ships, boats, and other vehicles. For guaranteed safety, we can likewise handle the installation and repairs of your gas barbecue, patio heater, and cabinet heater.

The advantage of using our services comes from our expertise. Since we are versed with applicable laws, you can relax knowing that we will apply them as we work for you. Experience quality and guaranteed secured gas fitting work. Trust a company with proven proficiency; trust in NHC Plumbing!

Our gas fitting services include: