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One unspoken motto of NHC Plumbing is to do the dirty and dangerous works for people. Part of that work includes gas plumbing, which we gladly offer to residential property owners in Lake Macquarie and Newcastle area.

When to Hire our Gas Plumbing Services?

Some people are not fond of hiring professional plumbers especially for minor issues. They prefer DIY solutions for the savings and control it affords them. However, there are things that are too risky to handle, making resort to the experts proper. Such is the case when it comes to the installation of gas-powered heaters and stoves.

Safety risks are doubled when gas enters the picture. This is the reason why laws allow only licensed and registered practitioners to perform gas plumbing works. The characteristics of gas make it a tricky substance to deal with. Mere instincts that ordinarily suffice for basic plumbing tasks will simply not work with gas. Knowledge, suitable training and experience are necessary for a person to be qualified to install gas heaters and stoves. In this case, you can rely on our gas plumbers to take the security risks for you.

Nope, our plumbers are neither martyrs nor superheroes. When they take on a job, the risks they take are calculated. Their previous trainings have satisfactorily equipped them with suitable skills and prudent judgment. In short, when you avail of our services you are not taking a leap of faith. You are actually banking on their expertise. Quit wasting precious time and let our team take over your gas installation.

Quality of Service

Our gas plumbing services are tried and tested secured. Past customers can attest to the excellence and professionalism showcased by our staff. Aside from installation, we likewise do replacements, re-installation, and repairs of gas plumbing systems. Our services are available for both emergency calls and scheduled appointments. As long as our work is needed, we will be there to deliver first class service we are known for.