Drainage and sewage

Drainage and sewage -
Plumbing Drainage and Sewage Services

Here is a fact: homeowners would rather not see or think about their drainage and sewage. Another fact: NHC Plumbing, Plumbing Contractors is delighted to manage the drainage and sewage of residences in Lake Macquarie and the Newcastle region.

Common Drainage and Sewage Problems

Blockages are the most typical problem affecting drains and sewers. The magnitude of the problem, differs from case to case. Blockages can reveal themselves through overflowing toilets, sinks backing up, and noisy drains. Some of these symptoms can be easily solved by basic remedies while others require expert skills since the restriction causing the problem is deep below the sewer pipes. For cases that involve deep-seated blockages, the services of a reliable plumbing expert is your best bet. What would take you days of anxiety can be solved in a matter of a few hours by our licensed plumbing experts.

NHC Plumbing Drainage and Sewage Solutions

We provide a variety of solutions for drainage and sewage issues. Our solutions depend on the cause of the problem. For common blockages, we typically use a high pressure water blaster, which removes the blockage quickly and efficiently.

For more difficult blockages we use the added advantage of state-of-the-art plumbing technology, when we use a CCTV camera to survey the drainage and sewage pipes to see what is causing the blockage. It enables us to accurately determine the location of blockages and the extent of damage caused to the pipe networks. Accordingly, we become better equipped and informed in implementing an appropriate solution.

Aside from solutions, we can also set up pre-emptive measures that will reduce the likelihood of build-ups. We provide regular maintenance programs that allows you to be proactive in managing your plumbing system. With a regular maintenance program, you will be able to counter annoying and unexpected drainage and sewer blockages.

Give yourself peace of mind. Take drainage and sewage matters from your list of worries and contact NHC Plumbing, Plumbing Contractors who will look after them for you.