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A vital part of comfortable home living is a working plumbing system. However, its impact is often noticed only when issues start to emerge and disrupt normal routines in the house. You can save yourself from costly repairs and unwanted stress by entrusting your plumbing needs to NHC Plumbing.

Benefits You Can Expect

Availing of our services is a smart decision. Not only will you get exceptional service at a reasonable rate, you will also reap several other benefits.

  • Impeccable Professionalism – You can expect nothing short of excellence from us. All our plumbers are accredited, licensed and registered, ensuring that you will receive expert service. We assure you that you will enjoy doing business with us since our staff exercise utmost professionalism. In every stage of the project, our plumbers are honest and accommodating. They will entertain all your questions because we believe that it is your right to understand how your plumbing works.
  • Astonishing Efficiency – Our team will ensure that every part of your plumbing systemis working properly, therebysaving your budget from expensive repair expensesin the long run. Because our company values customer satisfaction, our plumbers will go out of their way to realise your wishes. Moreover, we work in a neat and orderly manner so that you will experience as less disruption in your home environment as possible.
  • Innovative Tools– We take advantage of new technologies and tools in dealing with residential plumbing. Since time is ever changing, the means of resolving problems must also change with the process. Consequently, you are assured that your plumbing system is up-to-date.

How We Maintain Your Plumbing System

NHC Plumbing offers installation, repairs, and maintenance services for residential plumbing systems. We are always prepared to address troublesome issues giving you a headache. But as a better option, we can prevent problems from occurring through regular checkups and maintenance.

Our services are available by appointment. We also offer consultations and free quotation prior to the actual on-site visit. You can get these by simply calling our office 24/7. Our customer service representatives would be more than pleased to assist you.

Servicing Lake Macquarie, Newcastle and the wider area, our plumbers and gas fitters offer a range of services, including:

General Plumbing

Unfortunately, plumbing issues are a very real part of everyday living and can occur at the most inconvenient times. At NHC Plumbing we offer a fast and efficient service in dealing with unexpected plumbing problems as well as the more enjoyable parts of plumbing when updating or renovating your bathroom or kitchen.

General Residential Plumbing Services Offered

NHC Plumbing residential plumbing services include everything you would expect, and more, from hot water heaters, bathroom and kitchen issues, gutter and downpipes to sewer and drainage.  Our plumbers can be onsite within hours to resolve any emergency plumbing problems including a blocked sewer or sink, a leak in the ceiling or wall, or we can organise a suitable time to install a new tap or shower head, repair a leaking toilet etc.  For you, it means faster turnaround and briefer disruptions.When we tackle a problem, we make sure to target its root cause and not only its symptoms.

NHC Plumbing’s Motivation

Our business has been established for over 22 years and during that time we have assisted many loyal clients and hope to help many more households and businesses in the future with all their plumbing needs.

All of our team are Licensed plumbers and gasfitters and fully qualified to deliver our services in a quick and efficient way, as well as ensuring that we clean up after each job, leaving your property clean and tidy.

As Lake Macquarie and Newcastle’s trusted supplier of residential plumbing services, we see it as our job to provide fantastic service, great results and excellent rates.

When it comes to residential plumbing in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and the surrounding area, NHC Plumbing will always have the solution you need so call us today on 0414 494 289 or 4947 1364.